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Vanilla & Bourbon

$ 18

Vanilla & Bourbon

Crushed vanilla bean spun with vanilla cream infused with rich vanilla bourbon, golden butter, and sugarcane.

  • Single Wick

Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.25"

Fill Weight: 8.7 oz

Weight: 1.8 lbs

  • Double Wick

Dimensions: 4" x 4.75" 

Fill Weight: 12.6 oz

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Julian Zavala

I initially found this candle at a tjmaxx back in 19. I was intrigued by the whole black look and love vanilla candles. I had no idea I’d be obsessed with it. So I tried finding it online and they were sold out. I honestly searched for 6 months for this candle!! They finally restocked and I ordered 4 of the double wick. When I went through all 3(gave 1 to my boyfriend) I wanted to buy more but they were sold out again( no surprise,they’re amazing) so I’ve been waiting till they restocked again. I just ordered mine on the 14th, this time though I ordered 8! I know it’s crazy to buy that many, but honestly I didn’t wanna risk them being sold out and having to wait so long. They’re supposed to arrive this Saturday and I’m so excited. I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with these candles they smell amazing! They honestly don’t compare to any other candle vanilla scented candles,l.I’m honestly considering ordering a few more just because I love them. Im so glad I gave this candle a chance in 2019. As long as they keep making this candles I will continue to come back. I

Victoria Graham

Please bring this back! I bought this in 2019 at Marshall's, and have been looking for it ever since I used it all. I just found it and find out it's out if stock. Ny heart is broken. This candle is amazing, the sweet and excellent smell engulfs our entire house and I can't find any other vanilla and bourbon candle that smells like this.

Kervin Glemeau
Love love love

This candle is amazing words can not describe how amazing it smells. Lighten the mood definitely my work from home candles and favorite. Please bring this back!

David Seyer
Bring Back My V-B

Why oh why is Vanilla & Bourbon gone. Have we not suffered enough this past year. Please bring it back

Mary T
Please Bring Vanilla and Bourbon back!

Seriously of all candle scents I’ve used this by far is a winner- I’m searching Everywhere to find!

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