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Birch wood accented with ambered oak, cedar and vanilla musk.

  • Wooden wick candle

Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.0"

Fill Weight: 8.9 oz (252g)

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Customer Reviews

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James Cross
Great scent, no throw

This is my favorite scent and I’ve bought them for a while. It smelled great but when it’s lit it has no throw and you can’t even tell it’s burning. Hopefully I can find something similar elsewhere!

Lisa Dobbins

Birch has been my favorite for several years and I have ordered it repeatedly. The OLD Birch. I do know the scent hasn’t been as strong or lasted as long since you stopped putting actual lids on Birch, but rather a fitted piece of thin cardboard or the basic formula has changed since the original octagonal jars.

I also became aware of Whiskey and in my recent order, ordered two Birch and one Barrel-Aged Whiskey. Unfortunately, I only received one Birch, the second one having been replaced with Wood and Smoke or something, which I didn’t order. I was surprised that if stock was low, at least a second Barrel-Aged Whiskey wasn’t the substitute.

Overall, I still like Birch but my last order was odd to say the least.

Karen Payne

I am totally in love with this smell and these candles!!!

Kristin Nicola


Cheryl Yorek
New birch

I have been burning this candle for over three hours and I can’t smell it even if I get my nose right next to it $24 wow i’m not sure what you’re smelling the person that said that it smells so great I’ve been buying these candles for a long time and I’m telling you I smell nothing I could’ve went to Walmart and got a better smelling candle for nine dollars

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