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Cool Marine & Musk

$ 16

Brilliant sea greens combine with sparkling marine, warm florals, and touches of cool white musk 

Medium Single Wick Bourbon Tumbler

Coconut Wax Blend

Burn Time: 36 hours

Dimensions: 3.25" x 3.25" x 4"

Fill Weight: 9.9oz


Customer Reviews

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Perfectly subtle musk.

If there was ever a candle that perfectly walked the edge of masculine and feminine tastes for a musky candle this is it. It isn't overpowering but gives off that hint of musk that guys prefer without making me feeling someone drowned themselves in axe body spray. I bought two of these for my father and brother for Christmas at TJMaxx and thank you wonderful human being that designed this. My brother's room now smells nice since its a candle he will actually happily light without being asked.

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