Makers of Wax Goods

Sandalwood & Oud

$ 28

Fragrance Profile:

Warm sandalwood and fragrant oud wrapped with ambered poppy, earthy patchouli and spicy peppercorn, accented with fresh cassis, dewy moss and warm amber.


Double Wick

Cork Lid

Dimensions: 5" x 4.25" 

Fill Weight: 14.7oz (416.74g)

Customer Reviews

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Katharine Ludwig
Top Notch Candles!!!

This isn't the first Makers of Wax Goods candle for me, and sure won't be the last... the first was a GIN scented one- unforgettable. This apothecary Sandalwood and Oud candle is different than any I've had, it's wonderful!!! The earthy / spice notes transform your home (or any place) into "coziness" ... strange as that sounds, it's the best way I can describe the candle. It's like a hint of spice and fresh air.
As we spend more time in homes and apartments, it's SUCH a treat to have a nice candle to cheer / warm up the space. I don't know how these folks do it, making the candles with just the right ingredients, not too much of anything- sets them apart from the rest:)
THANK YOU, all you makers of Wax Goods.

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