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Leathered suede swirled with earthy woods and spiced amber.

  • Wooden wick candle

Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.0"

Fill Weight: 8.9 oz (252g)

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Best smelling candle ever

i bought this candle because it was on sale for a good price and i love the smell so much it is the perfect amount of earthy and it feels like im hiking in nature

Terry Jacobson
favorite fragrance ever

This fragrance of candle was a gift from a friend inside an amazing lantern we used in an outdoor room for over a year. As the candle was melting over time, I started to panic that I may never know the manufacturer to order another. But!!!! I peeled the candle away and the information was barely readable after that much time. Just got my order and burning as we speak. I can stop panicking now! LOL. I'm very finicky about fragrances and usually like pumpkin and vanilla scents so I took a leap of faith and ordered several other fragrances and LOVE pumpkin & bourbon and vanilla & bourbon. They will also be new faves. Not sure I will ever switch brands again if these 3 remain available! Nice job M of WG!

lisa tourso


Lindsey Blythe
My favorite fall scent

Warm and comforting, smells like being wrapped up in your favorite blanket on a chilly fall afternoon.. i repurchase this candle EVERY time so that I never have to run out! I am super picky about candles - I hate purchasing cheap ones that burn unevenly or the scent does not last - this candle company does not disappoint! And they are beautiful!

Love it!

This really is one of my favorite candles I have ever had, I never really rebuy candles, but believe me when I say I will be rebuying/ trying other scents when I order!

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