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$ 24


Warm amber and teakwood accented with sandalwood, patchouli and dew-covered moss.


Double Wick

Wood Lid

Faux Leather Knob Accent

Dimensions: 4.3" x 3.5"

Fill Weight: 11.2 oz (323g)

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Nelson
Was hoping for more

Love the teakwood smell but I feel like this candles lacks some umph! Add a bit more essential oils so it can be a standout!

Dora Ruiz
Wonderful Scent! excellent burn pattern - very even burn

I was gifted this candle last year and saved it for a few months. (which I now regret) when I took it out and lit it immediately I fell in love with the scent. The packaging is beautiful, I just ordered 3 more to gift and one for me! I am a candle lover and this by far is my favorite one in all aspects.
Thank you so much for creating this lovely product

Erika C.
Disappointed all around

I ordered this thinking it would smell like a candle that I have from this company that has the exact same name. When I received it, it had a completely different scent that I’m not really a fan of. I reached out to customer service and they simply just said that Since the packaging was different for the candle, that would be obvious enough that the scent would be different too. That makes no sense to me and I will not order from this company again

david polesne
No smell at all here... very disappointed

No smell at all here... very disappointed

Keirra Mercure
My fav candle

Burns even, great throw, super addictive scent, i always have at least 2 in the house.

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